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All our Hydraulic Trolleys are built with safety in mind including such features as anti-trapping gaps between the scissors and a deadman's handle on the manual pump release. As such we are currently the only manufacturer whose lifting trolleys are CE safety approved.

All our standard trolleys are certified capable of lifting 200kgs (32 stone) and will do this with ease. Our maintenance engineers have often seen competitors' products buckling at a mere 180kgs load or less! Our heavy duty trolleys are certified to lift 320kgs (50 stone).

We are particularly proud of our heavy duty trolleys including our unique Universal Loader. These models are certified to lift 320kgs (50 stone).

The Electro Hydraulic versions are operated from a 12v battery and come with an 8amp battery charger. A fully charged battery will lift 80kgs over 500 times giving ease of operation with no effort to the operator, and being battery operated it reduces the risk of electrocution and has no trailing flex.

All our Trolleys and Loaders are CE Safety Certified and finished in an Anti-Bacterial coating.

We offer a choice of:

- Long Tops or Short Tops
- Manual Hydraulic or Electro Hydraulic
- 3-Tier or 4-Tier extended heights

These options can be mixed and matched to fit your exact requirements.

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